Opening doors of opportunity for everyone within our region


The centre provides a wide range of services aimed at supporting and improving the welfare of the local community.

Some of the services & sessions we facilitate from the centre include:

  • Job club & employability development
  • Independent Living skills for young adults
  • Benefit & welfare support
  • Arts & Crafts sessions for vulnerable and isolated adults
  • Advocacy work
  • Independent living skills for adults with learning disabilities
  • Homeless support including resettlement
  • Community Foodstore
  • Emergency Food Parcels
  • Local Welfare Applications


The centre offers support regarding homelessness for all ages. Information regarding your rights and entitlements, eviction notices, bond schemes and local properties which are available for rent are all accessible at the Hinge Centre. Affordability is the key to sustainability so we are able to undertake a budget review to see what property you can afford. We are a trusted partner and therefore can support you to make a claim for local welfare allowance. Property lists are available on a weekly basis.

Employability Support

There are IT facilities available at no charge for those wishing to access the internet, make a claim for benefit, undertake job searches or update their universal job match account. We can also offer one to one support with regards to job searches, identifying suitable jobs, CV writing, job applications, cover letter writing and preparing for interviews. If you wish for some support around employability please contact Megan to arrange an appointment.

Benefit and Welfare

As we all know trying to get our head round benefits and our entitlements can be tricky! Arrange an appointment at the centre if you need assistance with form filling or any other benefit and welfare related support. The Hinge centre can support with benefit maximisation, debt management, benefit claim forms, local welfare allowance applications, emergency food parcels, bond scheme applications and more.

Arts and Crafts

These include therapeutic art and craft group sessions to support members of the local community who have experienced isolation, mental health concerns or simply want to try something new. The aim is to promote health and well-being through the use of art and the sessions run from the Hinge Centre twice a week. The session is for beginner’s right through to professionals and is open to any age group.

Community Foodstore

This is held at the centre every other Friday 10.30am till 11am and is available to anyone. There is a wide range of food items all available for a suggested donation towards delivery costs. The food items often have short shelf lives or have damaged packaging but there is a wide variety of items including cereals, sauces, pasta, soups, beans, drinks and snacks. The foodstore is promoted on our facebook page and monthly newsletter.

If you want to know if the Hinge Centre can help you please ring and speak to a team member.