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The Hinge Centre

Opening doors of opportunity for everyone within our region

Independent Living

At the Hinge Centre we recognise that living independently can be a daunting prospect.

We are able to provide flexible support tailored to suit your own individual needs. The support can be as much or as little as you would like and you would decide which areas we covered. Whether you are currently of no fixed abode, wanting to leave where you are living, considering moving into your first home or been there a while, developing your life skills can help you in many different ways.

The sessions we offer can be based at the centre, at your own home or out in the community. The team are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.

We can help you with tenancy support, cooking skills, benefit claims, employment support, job searches, CV's, managing your own money and much much more.

Here are just some examples of the life skills we offer:

  • Cooking

    • You choose the food you would like to learn how to cook and we'll show you how!
    • We have the use of a fully fitted kitchen to develop cooking skills.
    • Risk management and kitchen safety, basic food hygiene and other tips are also provided to you.
  • Daily Living

    • Washing
    • Ironing
    • Household Cleaning
    • Basic household maintenance
    • Use of a washing machine
    • Use of shower facilities
  • Employability

    • CV Writing
    • Job Searches
    • Assistance with application forms and letters
    • Literacy and numeracy skills
    • Universal gateway support
    • IT suite and facilities
  • Personal Development

    • Role models and Images
    • Being a good neighbour
    • Managing conflicts
    • Negotiation skills
  • Personal Safety

    • Washing
    • Travelling
    • Safety in the home
    • Safety in the community
    • Internet safety
    • Social networks
  • IT Services

    • Basic IT instruction
    • Online training courses
    • Internet and phone usage
    • Photocopying services
  • Lifestyle Choices

    • Life balance
    • Sexual health
    • Drug awareness
    • Body image
    • Relationships and health
    • Mental health
    • Learning difficulties
  • Money Skills

    • Budgeting
    • Handling money
    • Shopping with confidence
    • Living on a budget
    • Managing finances and bills
    • Bank accounts
    • Credit and debit card usage
  • Enjoying & Achieving

    • Personal development
    • Self esteem and confidence
    • Peer pressure awareness
    • Community inclusion
    • Social development
    • Learning
    • Personal development